I was seventeen when I spied a necklace through a shop window in Venice, Italy and fell in love with jewelry. I knew then that I would make jewelry for a living.  I went on to receive my Bachelor of Fine Art in Metalsmithing from the University of Oregon and my Masters of Fine Art in Metal from State University of New York New Paltz. 

I am proud to come from a lineage of inventors, artists, rocket scientists, engineers and tool enthusiasts. My great-grandfather’s wood level hangs above my workbench as a reminder of my roots and the science of material craft.

Jewelry is an adornment, a declaration of personal expression, and a universal conversation starter. It is the best and most personal, public exchange of art, design, fashion and taste. It’s this power of jewelry that keeps me excited from the first cut of my jeweler’s saw, through the reticulation and development of a texture, to a finished piece worn by a customer.

I make jewelry because I am happier when I am in the studio.  Allison Ullmer Jewelry exists because my 17-year-old conviction never wavered. I make jewelry for myself and for others who seek the place between art and fashion and have a desire for intrigue and luster in their every day.


AU jewelry is hand-crafted giving each piece its unique character. From the solid 14K gold earring posts to the carefully reticulated surfaces, AU jewelry is versatile and strong. Allison makes jewelry to be worn and celebrated.  Allison designs each piece to be dressed up and dressed down; to be worn for the most special of occasions and for your everyday routines. AU crafts distinctive and lasting jewelry meant to surpass trends and become singular pieces in your wardrobe.


Allison's commitment to high quality craftsmanship runs through everything she does. Her commitment to quality and craft begins with the source of AU jewelries material. She uses 100% recycled sterling silver and gold. When requested she is able to source 18K FAIRMINED gold that is ethically sourced from a single mine in Peru. Allison is a proud supporter and member of the pioneering Ethical Sourcing Consortium, a new cooperative that provides traceable, artisanally mined gold.  All Vermeil plating is conducted in the United States. All paper products are purchased from companies dedicated to domestic paper goods that are sourced from sustainable forestry, have low or no chemical yield and many hand-made products.  Environmental and social sustainability are among her core values. AU continues to evolve her practices and materials as she discovers new options and solutions. 


AU continually works with the following professionals:   

Cully Wright, editorial photographer, www.cullywright.com

Erin Mair, Brand Consultant, epicmair@gmail.com

Richard Gehrke, product photographer, www.richardgehrke.com

Julia Platt-Hepworth, styling, www.juliaplatthepworth.com

Jessica Belknap, make-up artist, www.jessicabelknap.com

Alayna Vincent Baird, graphic designer, alaynadesign@gmail.com